Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Normal Military SOP

In one of my earlier posts I mentioned how we got word on our early discharges. I started processing out the next day. First thing I did was go for a discharge physical. I only got a couple hours sleep the night before thinking about all the things I would do when I became a free man again. Had to lay down twice to get my blood pressure down enough to pass. After that I went around to all the places that I needed process out. Finally I got to the point where the only places left needed a copy of my discharge orders. When it got down to a couple days before my discharge date and still no orders, I was given a copy and sent to an office where multiple copies were made so I could now give a copy to each place that required one.

On the day that I turned in my ID card and got my final check, there on a table in the room for the final processing was a stack of orders for me a half-inch thick.

Shortly before my discharge I got another set of orders. These were for my promotion to E-5. They said the promotion was effective the first of the following month, a couple of days after my discharge!!