Thursday, August 4, 2011

Can I Come Camping at Your Place??

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

One day out of blue I got a letter (this was back in the days of snail mail) from someone who at one time was the girl next door.  In the letter she asked if she could come up to my place to do some camping.  I sent a reply saying, sure, no problem.

A few weeks later she and a friend hitch-hiked up from Madison.  We got reacquainted and partied a lot (that was the summer I was helping my cousin celebrate getting out of the Navy), and there was even pitching a tent and actual camping involved.  

Here we are doing the Bonnie & Clyde bit!!
Long story short, she never left!!!!!!!!!!!!

Working on the Railroad One Last Time

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

The last time I worked on the railroad, it only lasted for a month or two and then I got called to work at a local factory that made ceiling tile.
I had been trying for over two years to get a job at this plant.  Considering my experiences with working on the railroad, I thought at least this job would be a year round job not just a few weeks or months at a time like the railroad had been.  That damn hindsight , turned out the guy, who had never worked on the railroad before, who took my place on the railroad got the job permanently and worked for several years until he injured himself off the job and the railroad doctor wouldn't OK his return to work.

Anywho, I worked at the ceiling tile plant for 3yrs the first time and for 2 more years later.  We were using kraft paper to wrap the packages of lay-in ceiling panels.  My job title was "package and wrap".  After doing that for a couple of months my fingers were so smooth it looked like I didn't have any fingerprints.  The kraft paper wore my fingerprints off.