Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fuck It, I'm Hungry

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

In my last post I mentioned the former "girl next door" who wanted to come camping at my place.  After being here for awhile, she decided to move here from the big city.  As I was working, I couldn't go to Mad-Town to get her stuff, so I let my cousin use my truck to go after the stuff.  While there a couple of her friends decided to come UP on the Tundra to see the area.  As they were getting here they took the back way, my shortcut that is 9 miles of dirt road just barely better than a two-track.  At the time there was water over the road in a couple of places and the road wasn't the smoothest, there were rocks sticking up where you had to be careful with a car.  My pickup had enough ground clearance that the rocks were not a problem.  While on the shortcut someone (probably my cousin) decided to play a joke on the pair that hadn't been here before.  They were told that there was this guy living way out here in the woods that didn't speak English.  As it happened, when they arrived, I was in the outhouse.  My two room cabin didn't have running water, so therefore the outhouse.  My cousin called out for me and when he realized where I was, came over and explained that I shouldn't speak English only Finnish as he had told the two that I didn't speak English.  I have a fairly good command (better then than now) of the Finnish language as that was my first language.  I learned English in Kindergarten and Grade School.  My cousin on the other hand only had what he had learned from his grandfather.  It was amusing watching him staring at the ceiling trying to come up with the words in Finn while talking to me.  We carried on this farce for a couple hours until finally I said to everybody, "Fuck it, I'm hungry.  Who wants to go to town and get a burger??"  I had to repeat it about 3 times before this young guy said, " Hey he's speaking English!!"