Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Charlie Tuna's outfit

At the end of tech school I got my orders for Dow Airplane Patch in Bangor, ME. During basic we got to pick what state we wanted to go to and I put down California for the state and Germany for overseas. When I told my instructors where I had put in for and where I was going, one of them explained that they use a large map of the country and throw darts at it to determine where you go. I said it looks like it landed a long ways from where I picked. He said no you probably landed right on CA and then they sent you as far away from where the dart landed as possible.

Anywho, I was assigned to the 75th FIS at Dow AFB, ME. Because of the tiger shark on the patch, some of us called it Charlie Tuna's Outfit, also that FIS stood for Frigging Idiot Squadron. As soon as I got there I was told that I would only be there for about 20 months because they were shutting down the base.
The link has pictures and history for the 75th. When I googled 75th FIS I was surprised to see that it appears that the 75th is still around. It has been deactivated and reactivated numerous times since I was in the unit.


Mathman6293 said...

I have tagged you. - mathman

Kulkuri said...

mathman, this blog is just for my history of my journey down the road of a wage-slave. My other blog Yooper in Crackerland is the one I use for other stuff like politics and other random thoughts.

But anywho, thanks, yours is the first comment on this blog.

BBC said...

When I joined the Navy as a dumb kid out of Northern Idaho I figured that I would get to go overseas, see some of the world.

Ha, never got on a ship and spent four years in the states.

I was so dumb at 18 that I told them I knew how to type so they often stuck me in an office, I hated that.

Kodiak, Alaska and Whidby Island were okay but my two years in Florida sucked.