Monday, December 15, 2008

Common Knowledge

It was common knowledge when I was in the Air Farce, no wait, that's a show on Canadian TV. Anywho, the common knowledge was that when someone flunked out of tech school they became either a cook or a skycop. One example that may prove this was when a guy I knew was removing the engine from his Volvo 544. It had a rod knock or some other problem that required a tear down. With the help of several friends he disconnected everything from the engine and four guys picked up the engine and removed it from the car. As they were about to remove it, a skycop (Air Police) walked by and said, "You know you are not allowed to do major maintenance in the parking lot." The owner of the car said, "I'm just going to overhaul the engine." The skycop said, "OK" and walked on. They carried the engine and later the transmission up to the guys room where he tore the engine apart to see what was required to repair it. We had weekly barracks inspections and before the inspection he put the engine, trans, and related parts in an empty locker. Later he took everything to the Auto Hobby Shop and rebuilt the engine.

I heard skycops would get so bored walking around guarding the airplanes that they would count the rivets on a panel on the plane. I can think of better ways to spend the day or night than walking around an airplane with a rifle in all kinds of weather.


Anonymous said...

Counting rivets sounds mind-numbing. Maybe that's what they were aiming for?

I love your new header. It looks great!

Kulkuri said...

The photo was a small poster given to the employees. I don't remember getting it, but it could be I got one and it got lost in the travels since then. I found it on the intratubes and put it on the header. I do remember I started before the one in the foreground flew, so the picture was taken after I started work there. It could be the poster was given out after I left.

As for the skycops, I heard that sometimes one would go off their nut and start shooting at the airplanes or maybe Martians.