Friday, February 6, 2009

Playing A Game With Coke Bottles

Yesterday when The Old Lady mentioned her co-worker and the Mexican Coke and how she had never had coke in a glass bottle before, it reminded me of when cokes came in glass bottles in the coke machine (soda machine for some and pop machine for the rest). I don't remember doing this at K.I. (we might have done it, I just don't remember at this time) but I do remember playing a game with coke bottles while I was in Maine. Coke bottles used to have the city and state of the bottling plant molded into the bottom of the bottle. (No, it didn't say open other end!!) What we would do is decide before going over to the coke machine whether the loser would be the closest or farthest from Bangor. After everyone got a bottle of coke out of the machine, we would all look at the bottom to see where it was from. The loser would give everybody else their dime back.(Yes, they were only a dime back then.) At the most there would only be about 6 or 7 of us in the shop at any one time.

I guess I'm showing my age when I'm writing about coke machines having glass bottles in them, not cans or plastic bottles. So Be It!!


Lisa said...

I remember glass bottles in machines. My grandma always had the little bottles at her house.

You know what I miss? those vending machines that would drop down the paper cup and then the Coke would come down into it.

And paper straws. I miss paper straws. Now look what you started!

opit said...

How about going to the store and getting a 5 1/2 oz Coke for 2 cents + 1 more for the deposit ? Yep. A nickle for the Saturday matinee in the early 50's. Mind, I'm pretty sure it was 25 cents by the end of the decade.
That was in east Soviet Canuckistan .