Sunday, January 24, 2016

40 Years Ago I Fucked Up!!

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not one of mine. Thought I had pictures, but now can't find them, so this is from google.

Forty years ago I was working as a carpenter building houses. That meant I had the winters off. After awhile I got bored and decided to try my hand at baking. I think first I baked bread, next I baked a pie. When I figured out I could make pie crust, I thought I'd try my hand at making pasties (rhymes with nasty, not hasty as those are nipple covers and usually not edible!!) So I got the ingredients, meat, potatoes, rutabaga, onion, etc. The Old Lady had a job at the time and while she was gone for the day I made pasties. I remembered how they were made from the pasty sales my class in high school used to do as fundraisers and that is what I went by to put together the pasties, memory. Anywho, my pasties turned out better than The Old Lady's and she has never made them since. So if I want a pasty I either have to make them myself or buy one. In most areas we have lived you don't find pasties for sale in stores or restaurants. UP on the Tundra you can buy pasty meat which is coarsely ground beef and pork. Other places that grind is called chili grind, but usually is just beef.  Sometimes when living elsewhere I would get some beef and pork and cut them up into small pieces, smaller than for stew. Then mix the meat in with the veggies before putting it all in the crust.

My latest venture in baking is I managed to create a sourdough starter on the third attempt. It turned out pretty good and now I have a starter in the frig.

This is a photo of the bread I baked yesterday.


Ol'Buzzard said...

When I eat sourdough bread end up burping for hours.
the Ol'Buzzard

Jono said...

We can buy pasties at the grocery store up here, but the wife usually makes them. Maybe I should try. I sure like eating them.