Sunday, May 17, 2015


Not All Who Wander Are Lost

When I was working in the lab we had a limited number of people. On days there was a couple of people that worked steady days, but on the shifts there was just one tester and one inspector. If someone called in sick the other two shifts had to cover for that person. One of the testers had a bad habit of calling in sick when he was on midnight shift. Fairly often he would dump a shift, not every time he was on midnights (we were on rotating shifts, so every three weeks would be midnights), but often enough to be a pain in the ass. Especially because he was on the shift ahead of me. So when he called in sick for midnights, I was on days and would have to go in at 4am. What really sucked was I would get a call at about quarter or ten to midnight telling me I had too go in at 4am!!

We tried telling the guy that if he knew he was going to dump a shift, let the other two guys know ahead of time. He never did. When The Old Lady's sister got married, I was on midnights. I knew I wouldn't make the Sunday shift if I was 100 miles away on Saturday night. The guy had been carpooling with someone. When I called in (at 11:45pm) saying I couldn't make it to work (car trouble 100 miles away), he had to go home and get his car and come back to work until 4am. When the other guy came in at 4am, he asked the other guy when he got called and the reply was that he knew about two weeks in advance!!

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